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Stephen P. Haber 

Stephen P. Haber specializes in the prosecution and trial of sophisticated personal injury actions including but not limited to serious construction accidents, products liability and medical malpractice matters. Additionally he is available for serious injuries from automobile accident and premises liability matters.

Mr. Haber, Esq., has enjoyed multiple million dollar verdicts and settlements through his detailed evaluation and analysis and the use of 21st century litigation services which include fully digital trial presentation. With our sister service of, we truly believe that no defense firm is able to overcome our skilled and persuasive message in presenting a client's case to the jury.

We are proud to represent plaintiffs in personal injury matters in our offices in Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties and our reach includes all five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, Westchester and northward to Orange County.



Dedicated start-to-finish trial preparation and support

Stephen P. Haber also offers assistance to those handling complex cases that contain ton of documents, photographs, videos, demonstrative evidence, etc. enables you to present a tamed and easily understood version of the information to a jury, which enhances your ability to gain a jury’s attention and to ultimately win them over, and secure a verdict for your client.

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